Godkar's Art Academy - Drawing and Painting Classes in Mumbai
Godkars Art Academy

Drawing & Painting Classes

  • Child Art (K.G To 4th)
  • Drawing And Painting (5th To 10th)
  • Elementary - Intermediate
    (Grade Exam Batch)
  • Hobby Oil Painting
    (For All Art Lovers)
  • Vacation Batch
    (Summer Painting Batch)
  • Entrance Exam Course for
    Art CET Exam (MAH - CET)
  • Architech CET Exam Practice

Welcome To Godkar’s Art Academy

ďA man paints with his brains and not with his handsĒ - Michelangelo

The simple truth to growing as an artist is to first acquire your foundational skill which is drawing. And itís really not that difficult. It can be learned. Yes, but it does take work, practice & a level of commitment.

Godkarís Art Academy is a professional art institution which can teach & help anyone to develop their personal artistic skills & techniques. Perfectly combining in-depth skills & professional practice tuitions from working artists for an exceptionally high level of tutored time ensuring thorough preparation & unique experience for all aspiring artists. Our drawing & painting courses offer hands-on technical & practical skills for the development of each studentís creative process in line with their own personal vision, thereby giving them all the exploratory freedom as an individual artist. Draw your thoughts, paint your emotions & create your vision!

Children's Art Classes
drawing classes for kids
hobby classes in mumbai
Drawing & Painting Institute

Shraddha Bunglow, 1st Floor, Opp.

Sai Complex, D.P. Road,

Kanderpada, Dahisar (W),

Mumbai - 400068.

Mobile No :

+91 9820421145

+91 9920686999

This Class is arranged in tune with the liking of students fr om K.G. to 4th Std. Various S hapes colors. subject etc...

This Class is arranged in tune with the liking of students fr om K.G. to 4th Std. Various Shapes colors. subject etc...

These classes are for them who wish to make their career in art field and for those or who have keen interest in drawing.





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